Client Details Form

New to Orthotech, opening a new location or need to update your details? Fill out this form to keep us in the know of any changes.

Card On File

Rather let us do it all for you? Card On Files allows you to sit back and let us organise monthly payments for you.

Located on your myorthotech page > Accounts > Card On File

Alternatively, head to

Sum Payment

The Sum Payment option allows you to pay any amount you wish, allocating the payment to a few invoices or a full statement at once.

The form includes a notes section if you would like to specify invoice numbers or if you have multiple locations.

Located on your myorthotech page > Accounts > Sum Payment

Alternatively, head to

Request Invoice/Statement

If you have missplaced and require an invoice or statement earlier than the the stanard release date, this form allows you to request them them to be sent.

Located in your myorthotech portal > Accounts > Request Invoice/Statement

Alternatively, head to

Xero to Xero Network Key

If you use XERO for your clinic you are able to link your account via your network key allowing invoices and payments to connect automatically to your account. Follow these steps to send your network key to connect: 1. In the Settings menu, select General Settings. 2. Under Connect, click Xero To Xero. 3. Click Send Xero Network Invite. 4. Enter the email address 5. Click Send​.